Attuning to and Dedicating a Crystal

Choose somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed.

Take your chosen crystal and lightly clasp it in your non-dominant hand (this may vary from person to person).

  • Focus on your breath.
  • Centre yourself.
  • Be alert to work with your higher senses.
  • When you are still – become aware of the crystal resting in your hand.
  • How does it feel? Hot, cold or neutral? How do YOU feel holding it?
  • Mentally focus on the crystal and ask how it wishes to work with you?
  • Just sit quietly after asking this question and be aware of feelings, of your thoughts, of any bodily sensations, of anything you might be seeing or hearing within yourself - because all of these maybe the crystal answering you. You may hear the crystal reply to you in your mind.
  • Some people despair if they do not get the response they are expecting. Realise there is no such energy as ‘nothing’. If you feel you have not received any information it is possible that you have not understood the way in which the crystal has communicated with you and so have missed the message. It may be that you ‘feel’ nothing has happened. Nothing is ‘no-thing’ which can be interpreted as ‘the crystal will teach you to BE rather than to ACT’. In order to be sure, learn to describe your experience of ‘nothing’ very clearly and explicitly – what did it feel like? What were your thoughts? How were you feeling? How did the body feel during this time? Whatever you reply to this, was in fact, the crystal communicating with you!
  • Ask the crystal what are its special qualities? Give it time to reply to you and for you to be aware of its response.
  • Ask if there is anything else you need to know and understand in order for you both to work together. Allow time for the crystal to communicate with you. Don’t be impatient.
  • Just sit quietly and observe your thought patterns, bodily sensations, feelings and listen to your quiet inner voice after you have mentally asked each question. The crystal will inform you in one of these ways of its energy and you will attune to each other.
  • You can also ask at this point how you would like the crystal to work with you.
  • Just allow yourself to sit quietly with the crystal and feel you energies merging and blending, until you reach a sense of completion.
  • Give thanks for this interaction.
  • It is also worth writing down straight away what you picked up and how the crystal communicated with you.

You will find that some crystals are very specific in the way in which they will work with you, others may be more general and will happily adapt to the needs of the moment.

Dedicating (programming) a crystal is the process whereby you instruct the crystal precisely how you want use its transformative and healing energies when you are working together. The more finely tuned and explicit your instructions the better the results will be.

Intention is everything, your crystal automatically picks up on your intention.

  • If you pick up a crystal with a pure intention to heal, the crystal will respond.
  • If you pick up a crystal with the intention that it will help you focus or relax or go deeply in meditation then it will assist you.
  • If you pick up a crystal with the intention that it will help you connect to your Higher Self and maintain connection it will support you.

Other areas you could put your intentions and programme the crystal are:

  • To overcome fear within you.
  • To release blocked energy.
  • To restore harmony – relationships, environment, planetary scale.
  • To send love and light and to support another.
  • To rebalance a body that is manifesting disease or imbalance.

You can dedicate and programme your crystal to work with you in any way you wish, simply by picking it up with intention.