Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Scrying is an ancient form of divination. Much like the image of someone gazing into a crystal ball, scrying involves staring into the surface of the black obsidian mirror. Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass. It is very consistent and flawless and can be polished to a very high standard which makes it perfect for scrying. Scrying allows your mind to let go of your conscious environment and enter into a meditative state. Messages, visions and guidance will come through in order to provide clarity on the subject at hand.

To use a black Obsidian screen mirror, seat yourself comfortably (preferably inside a magic circle), with your scrying mirror in front of you on a suitable stand that enables you to gaze into it. The room should be dark and candle lit, with a candle or candles arranged so that no reflections are seen in the mirror. All you she should see to begin with is an empty, featureless pool in space. Relax, empty your mind, allow your eyes to defocus naturally but keep watching that pool. After a while you may find the pool going milky and then clearing, before presenting you with images. But do not be impatient; it may not happen in your first session, or even your fifth or six. Perseverance will bring the breakthrough.

Additional Information & History

Black Obsidian aids greatly in past life healing and allows you to manage problems created by a misuse of power. It eliminates negativity in oneself or their environment that may be caused by built up anger or stress whether it is your own or someone else’s around you. One name that Black Obsidian is known by is the “Warrior of Truth”. This is extremely fitting as it assists in digging deep into your past (and future) lives in order to face your inner demons and own your darkest truth. It provides insight into the darker parts of one’s subconscious, also known as the shadow self, in order to accept your truest self. This stone may be overwhelming for some as it is extremely direct in showing you the parts of yourself you may not be ready to confront and bringing hard truths to the surface, though it carries the power of catharsis and allows for deep soul healing. Obsidian will inspire one to delve into any unresolved issues conflicting with their personal or spiritual growth.

Black Obsidian has been used as a scrying tool in many ancient cultures. In Mesoamerican civilisations, it was polished into mirrors which reflected shadow images and were seen as metaphors for sacred caves and bodies of water or as a passage for supernatural entities. In Mayan civilisations, these Obsidian mirrors were tools used to communicate with otherworldly forces or as a portal to other realms. Black Obsidian has a deep association in ancient Mexican and Aztec cultures, specifically with their nocturnal sky god, Tezcatlipoca, whose name means “Smoking Mirror”. Tezcatlipoca was believed to have the ability to see all that happened in this world and the heavens through his Black Obsidian mirror. One of the most famous Obsidian mirrors to date is that of Dr. Dee, an English mathematician who acquired the mirror after the conquest of Mexico. Dr. Dee was also an astrologer and an advisor to both Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I for his use in magical pursuits. Dr. Dee made great strides in the last 30 years of his life in an effort to communicate with angelic beings which he believed would allow him to bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of humankind. He claimed this mirror was presented to him by Archangel Uriel and granted him the ability to call upon spirits of other realms. This gained the mirror the nicknames “Dr. Dee’s Magic Mirror” and “The Devil’s Looking Glass”. Obsidian has been known by many names and was not only used in scrying. In ancient Mexican civilisations it was known as izti meaning “the Divine Stone”. Obsidian was also used in Aztec civilisations as a balm for healing scars as they believed using the same substance which created the wounds would also heal them. Native Americans compared Obsidian to the Great Void or the Great Mystery from which all things are created. It was referred to as a stone for spiritual dreaming.