Candle Magic

Colours for Candle Magic

There’s been much debate over colour correspondences and how they should be used in magical spell casting. My own theory is that if a particular colour works for you in some way, you should use it, regardless of what various books say. For instance, if purple speaks more strongly to you of love than any other colour, then by all means go with purple. It’s your spell after all, and providing you visualise with clarity, there's no reason why it shouldn't work. There are some suggestions below for each spell and it might be wise to stick with these for now. As you become more experienced, feel free to experience with other colours and different combinations.

Colours and their associations which you can use to determine the right candle colour for your spell:

Black: For spells associated with banishing, negativity, protection, or exorcism.  Discord, loss, stress, indecision, absence, confusion.

Blue:  For spells associated with the throat chakra, communication, self-expression, processing information, or mental stimulation. To find that which you seek. For unexpected luck or opportunity. For a safe journey.

Blue (light):  For spells associated with health, healing energies, patience, tranquillity, understanding.

Brown:  For spells associated with the Earth, land, property, home and family, pets, livestock, animals, legal problems, court cases, or dealing with bureaucracy and red tape. Hesitation, stalemate, uncertainty.

Gold:  For spells associated with the solar plexus chakra, the Sun/solar energy, wealth, prosperity, business, or success. Attraction, charm, confidence, persuasion, positivity.

Green: For spells associated with the heart chakra, healing, growth, abundance, prosperity, money, or success. Personal strength and courage. Justice. For new beginnings. Fertility, finance, healing, luck.

Orange:  For spells associated with the navel chakra, attraction, reproduction (and the reproductive organs), fertility, growth, abundance, creativity, or productivity. Encouragement.

Pink:  For spells associated with the heart chakra, love, romance, relationships, friendship, or family. Partnerships or sex magic. Happiness or harmony. Honor.

Purple:  For spells associated with the third eye chakra, mental clarity, insight, understanding, guidance, spiritual growth, enlightenment, psychic power, or political power. To gain ancient wisdom. For communication with other realms. Ambition and business progress.

Red:  For spells associated with the root chakra, physical health, energy level/stamina, libido, sex, lust, passion, courage, victory  or power.

Silver:  For spells associated with the Moon, self-reflection, intuition, or psychological realizations.

White:  For spells associated with the crown chakra, cleansing, purification, healing, truth/honesty, clarity, understanding, or insight. Self-control or protection. For protection as in going unnoticed. For victory or success. For a rest period or to stop slander. White is a neutral energy, making it useful as a substitute for any of the other colours for when you’re in a pinch.

Yellow:  For spells associated with the solar plexus chakra, self-esteem, self-confidence, happiness, digestion, or energy level/stamina.

With these associations, you should be able to determine the best colour choice for your spell.

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