Cleansing Crystals

Crystal Cleansing with Water

I get asked often why do I need to cleanse my crystals and how. Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings, including anyone or anything they come into contact with. You can tell if your crystals need cleansing because over time they will lose their sparkle, colour, brightness, they may even begin to feel sticky when you touch them, if this is the case you need to cleans them, give them back their "powers" so to speak.

There are several ways in which you can cleanse your crystals, but be careful as not all crystals like the same method.

Running Water -( not all crystals can be washed under running water, so please check first) but when doing so focus your mind on the intention you have, holding the crystal under running water for a few minutes.

Moonlight - by placing your crystals where they will be lit by the moon is a great way to cleanse, especially a full or new moon. Also good to know is which moon cycle it is. Waxing moon, this symbolises a phase of increasing energy. Waning moon is linked with declining energy, so will not cleanse your crystal effectively.

Smudging - this is the method I advise most, simply waft the smoke over the Crystal. Sage is traditionally used for this method, but you can use Palo Santo also.

Breath - breath deeply then exhale over the crystal focusing your mind on cleansing and clearing the crystal of any negativity.

Earth - by placing your crystals in the earth it is giving them the energy back from where they came from. The best time to bury your crystals is when the moon is full, then unearth them at the time of a new moon.

Amethyst bed, Quartz cluster, Geode, Selenite bed - simply place your crystals on the beds or in the geode.

Sound - this helps clear your crystals of any unhelpful vibrations. Items to be used include singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingsha and chanting.