How to Train Your Pendulum

Crystal pendulums hold their own energy but in order for them to work WITH us and NOT FOR US, we have to train them to respond to the directions we instruct.

  1. To start, hold your pendulum in your hand for a couple of minutes to attune it to your energy and set out your intention that you wish to work with the crystal for reasons of positivity and good.
    Naturally when we answer yes, we nod our heads up and down and for no shake our heads side to side, so this is how we are going to train our pendulums.
  2. For the first couple of days, hold the pendulum in your hand and ask yes or no questions that you know the answers to so that the crystal can naturally attune to your energy and frequency. Ask the question a couple of times then try it over your hand over the paper. Once you have done this for a few days, you can then move on to asking questions you wish to seek answers for.
  3. To hold the pendulum, hold the ball end of the chain between the thumb and forefinger of your hand, some people prefer to hang the chain over the forefinger too to help steady the pendulum. Keep your arm in a steady but relaxed position.
  4. Either rest the crystal pendulum at the side of your outstretched palm and ask the question, then gently raise and move the pendulum so it is over the centre of your palm, approximately a centimetre above your hand. Or secondly, hold the crystal in your hand whilst asking your question then position the pendulum over a pendulum board or a point on a piece of paper. If your pendulum goes in a circular motion, either clockwise or

    anticlockwise, this is a maybe answer to your question.

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