Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

Oranges ( and most natural citrus plants) originated in China. Sweet orange did not make its way to its current home in South Africa until the 15th century, when trade routes brought these divinely associated fruits to the land.

Sweet orange essential oil, derived from cold pressing the peel, is ideal for any magical work involving purification due to its acidic properties. The fiery and solar associations burn away impurities as well as traits and situations that no longer benefit us.

The doctrine of signatures dating from the time Paracelsus, in the early 1500s, tell us that every plant was autographed by God with a road map for use. Carrots contain an eye, so useful for vision. Yellow is the colour of bile, so yellow flowers can benefit the liver. The same can be said for magic. Golden-coloured plants, oils, and flowers can be utilised for prosperity and success. If a plant is capable of protecting itself with spines or thorns (like roses or brambles) or a thick outer skin (like oranges), then it is well suited for protection magic.

Citrus has been associated with the goddess of home and hearth and as such makes an excellent partner for beauty as well.


Place a drop of sweet orange oil in an aroma locket to entice love and attractive. A gentle yet effective love spell involves using diluted sweet orange oil to anoint a candle. Light it while creating a list of traits in an ideal partner. Include things that are important, but do not make the list so specific that it makes the spell ineffective.

Looking to engage inner Eros or Aphrodite? Sweet orange is an oil of eroticism and sensuality. Recognising the sensuous nature of the self is separate from seeing the beauty in the self. When it is time to turn the lights down, diffuse a drop of sweet orange oil to remember where those feelings originate.

Orange is also associated with beauty. Dilute 1 drop sweet orange essential oil in a 10ml roller bottle and apply behind the ears. This will remind you of your inherent beauty inside and out.

In need of good luck? Turn to sweet orange. The doctrine of signatures reminds us that items of the natural world that are gold can attract good luck as well as prosperity. To turn the tide of luck in a favourable direction, anoint an orange candle with diluted sweet orange oil. Using a ballpoint pen, carve a word or symbol describing the luck needed (e.g. getting a contract, getting pregnant, kicking a run of bad luck) into the candle. Burn the candle on a Sunday.

To spark happiness, engage the scent of orange oil. Peel and eat an orange, visualising the sweetness of life. Diffuse sweet orange essential oil in spaces frequented, as well as emotionally charged spaces to lighten the mood (talk therapy offices, medical offices, and ecclesiastical spaces).

To restore harmony, reach for sweet orange oil. Diffuse one stop of sweet orange essential oil in 100ml water where all parties will be present.

The stimulating effect of sweet orange oil can also be used to spur action and gain momentum. Whether there is a project that needs to get done by a deadline, or it is simply difficult to get off the ground, reach for the action of sweet orange oil. A gentle direct inhalation over the bottle once an hour will help with an energy boost. Diffuse a drop of sweet orange in a well-ventilated space during planning meetings and while assigning duties for a project.

If used in slightly higher doses, orange can cause deep sleep. The bonus portion of that action is that the intersection of anti-anxiety, depression lifting, and calming effects all work together to create beneficial dreams without the emotional turmoil of night terrors. Adding 3 or 4 drops of sweet orange oil to a small room diffuser a half-hour before bed will bring sweet dreams.

Flexibility and adaptability are the hallmarks of a valuable employee and a respected romantic partner. When it comes time to remember how to be flexible, diffuse sweet orange oil while making a list of ways to be adaptable in day to day life while still maintaining healthy boundaries. Remember, one cannot serve from an empty vessel; self-care is important as well.

Wishing to feel ambitious? Let the light of the sunshine in. Sweet orange oil can lend those energies out easily. Peel and eat an orange, embracing the scent of the orange peel with each piece of peel removed. Visualise yourself setting achievable goals and accomplishing them. Alternately, diffuse sweet orange oil while meditating on the nature of ambition.

Aura feeling a bit murky and muddy? Add a drop or two of sweet orange essential oil to one tablespoon salt and stir well. Draw a warm bath and sprinkle the salt in the bath. Soak in the purifying waters for as long as desired and step out of the bath feeling refreshed and whole.

Authority is 10% bestowed and 90% assumed. If the authority has been accorded but the confidence is not there to back it up, it can result in a vote of no confidence. Step up and claim that Crown with sweet orange oil. An aroma necklace will come in handy in this situation, as every time the orange scent registers in your brain you can stop, square your shoulders, adjust the Crown of your head, and remember whom others are dealing with. The confidence and self-worth boost bestowed by sweet orange can also help make it clear who his boss. Reclaim the power.

In matters of the creative spirit, diffuse sweet orange essential oil in creation spaces - art studios, writing offices, even yoga studios.

Sweet orange oil is uplifting and supports the weight of depression. Medications may still be required, and talk therapy is beneficial, but allow the bolstering support of a calming anti-anxiety oil like sweet orange to help out.

Divination with sweet orange is a snap. Water scrying, by placing a drop of sweet orange oil in a darkly coloured bowl, can act as a focus for the work. Just softly focus your eyes as though you were looking at a magic eye picture, and breathe slowly and deeply. Allow images to form in your mind. Another method is to incorporate air by watching the water and sweet orange oil mist coming out of a water diffuser and allowing the mind to wander.

Sweet orange oil is associated with release and healing. However, it is not the quiet, soothing  healing that lavender provides. Sweet orange is a solar oil; Associated with fire, it will act quickly and powerfully to banish illness. Shred the threads of that illness by diffusing the oil in a sickroom or anointing a candle with diluted sweet orange with the target of the healings name written on it.  

*Extract from "Blackthorn's Botanical Magic".