Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is an anti-anxiety essential oil. Diffuse a drop in a 100ml water diffuser while taking slow, deep breaths to help overcome momentary struggles with anxiety.

Expand awareness outside the body and reach with those psychic senses. Sandalwood excels at helping to expand awareness beyond our day-to-day world. Astral travel is aided by sandalwood’s properties of psychic development. It increases focus, benefits meditation practices, and clears the mind of the excess debris that accumulates during the day. Diffuse the mind while visualising a blank slate. Breath slowly and deeply for several minutes before attempting astral travel or divination.

Perform banishing magic at the drop of a hat. Sandalwood not only banishes negativity and unwanted feelings of loneliness, fear, and depression, it brings clarity to otherwise murky situations. Place 1 drop sandalwood essential oil in a 2ml bottle and fill with carrier oil of choice. Cap and shake. This anointing oil can be used for banishing magic with ease. Select a colour candle for the banishing magic at hand. Anoint the candle with the diluted sandalwood oil, tell it what needs to go and light it – preferably during a waning moon or on a Saturday.

All the base oils, especially the dark and woody ones, are beneficial for grounding, centring, and calming work. Sandalwood is especially beneficial to this work because of its associations of spirituality and consecration. It helps remind us that we are all spiritual beings who deserve love and respect. For grounding, centring, or consecration work, anoint ritual tools with diluted sandalwood oil (beware, as oils can damage wooden finishes). Anoint yourself as well, if desired: diluted sandalwood is skin safe (patch test first). Sandalwood also encourages harmony within the self and with others.

Help a loved one recover after surgery. Charge a 2ml bottle filled with 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil and carrier oil. Present this healing potion to the person recovering. They can place a drop behind each ear and on pulse points to remind them of the healing energy of sandalwood. The emollient effects of the oil can be used to minimise scar tissue after any surgical wounds have healed completely. Note: never apply an essential oil to an open wound and do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin (chemical burns can result).

To settle chaotic or disturbing dreams, diffuse sandalwood oil up to a half hour before bedtime for gentle dreams of comfort and safety. Sandalwood also brings balance and calm.

To gain freedom from an untenable situation, anoint a candle with the name of the person or situation from which freedom is needed. Burn on a Saturday (endings) to cut those ties.

Desire some spiritual guidance? Hoping a teacher will come along and explain the things that are happening? Grab a purple candle (the divine) and anoint it with diluted sandalwood oil. If a teacher is hoped for, snag a blue candle for trust, intuition, and guidance and anoint it with diluted sandalwood oil. Say a few words describing the wish or need before lighting. Sandalwood also carries the magic of manifestation.

Interested in discovering the parts left behind in a past life? Reach for sandalwood. Not only can sandalwood aid when journeying to past lives, but it also encourages psychic development and relaxation, and imbues sacred protection from the Divine.

To encourage new business opportunities, anoint a green (money) or gold (luck, prosperity) candle with diluted sandalwood oil and burn the candle on a Thursday (protected growth).

Sandalwood carries the energies of success, luck, and wishes. When things seem out of reach, turn to sandalwood. Anoint a yellow or gold candle with diluted sandalwood oil and burn it on a Sunday.

Extract from: Blackthorn's Botanical Magic