AAA Grade  Smoky Quartz

AAA Grade Smoky Quartz

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 Chakra: Base

Family - quartz

Colours: Translucent, Dark Brown to Black & Origin: Worldwide 

Smoky Quartz is good for all kinds of pain relief especially head aches, by placing on site of pain. It benefits the reproductive system, muscles and nerve tissue. It is good in assisting in problems with the abdomen, hips, legs and water retention.

Smoky quartz is an excellent absorber of negativity of all kinds, so is very supportive in any not so nice situation you may find yourself in. A powerful grounding stone, yet it raises your vibration making it a great stone to meditate with. 

Promoting positive and practical thoughts Smoky Quartz is great for dissolving fear and depression, it is also supportive for people who suffer with anxiety.

This is for 1 crystal