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Gardenia 2ML

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This Gardenia essential oil is an absolute,that means it is extracted using a chemical method or enfleurage rather than cold pressing or steam distillation. The oil is extracted from the gardenia flower petals, which are too small & delicate for the standard methods of essential oil extraction, and this is why Gardenia pure essential oils is one of the more expensive oils.

One of the most well known benefits is in its treatment of depression, it can also be used to alleviate pain and decrease inflammation. This oil contains antioxidants that work to eliminate free radicals that can cause oxidative stress that leads to pain. Gardenia oil helps to reduce symptoms of pain associated with arthritis and intense workouts by decreasing swelling and inflammation.

Name : Gardenia Absolute
Species : Gardenia florida
Method : Solvent extraction
Scent : Rich, sweet, floral
Colour : Dark yellow
Family: Rubiaceae
Extracted From : Flowers
Region : France.
Uses: Perfume, Bath & Body products
Blends Well With : Rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, spice and citrus oils