Jasmine Absolute 2ML

Jasmine Absolute 2ML

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Jasmine oil is so expensive because it takes thousands of jasmine flower's petal to make one ml of jasmine essential oil.

Name : Jasmine
Note Classification :Base
Scent:Rich, warm, floral, heavy, sensual
Colour: Dark orange-brown if absolute
Species : Jasminum officinale
Extracted From : Flowers ( delicate, white, star-shaped )
Region : India.By-products : Used in a wide range of soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. The dried flowers of J. sambac are used to make jasmine tea.
Historical : Jasmine flowers were used extensively in religious ceremonies. Cleopatra used jasmine oil on Mark Antony.
Of Interest : Pure jasmine oil is very expensive as many petals have to be collected. The best time to collect is at night when the scent is strongest.
Aromatherapy Properties : Antidepressant, analgesic and reputed aphrodisiac. Often used to treat problems with the nervous system such as anxiety and stress. Jasmine oil is also regarded as a good skin tonic for dry, greasy, irritated, sensitive skin. Used as a tonic for the female body and particularly the reproductive system.

Blends Well With :Rose, sandalwood, clary sage, & citrus oils.
Safety Data : Non-toxic but possible allergic reaction in some sensitive individuals.